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Dynamic Molding : a zero-gravity freeform 3D process

About us

Created in October 2020, 3Deus Dynamics is a startup that aims to push the limits of 3D printing thanks to its additive manufacturing process in a granular environment called "Dynamic Molding". This breakthrough innovation, hybrid between 3D printing and injection/molding, allows to process all injectable materials available on the market without chemical reformulation, without support structure and without geometry limit. In addition, by using a granular medium with specific properties, Dynamic Molding allows to manufacture composite materials and therefore to provide functional properties to the final object.

3Deus dynamics innovation enables to:

Process all silicones material without chemical reformulation

(normally restricted to Injection Molding) with high resolution and without reformulation.

Freedom of design: Freeform process

Develop new composite materials

Our ambition

Our ambition is to push the limits of 3D printing and develop the first additive manufacturing process compatible with all the commercially available injectable materials

Julien Barthès, CEO 3Deus Dynamics

Our engagement

Our company is committed to provide technical solutions for silicone 3D printing while respecting the privacy of our customers. 3Deus Dynamics prides itself on using quality raw materials and producing unique and traceable parts according to the iso 13485 standard. We have developed a green process with a low environmental impact (zero waste process, supply chain reduction, production sites closer to end-users, reduction of good’s transportation emission, recyclable and reusable powders), which means cost-savings for our customers and a high beneficial long-term environmental impact.

Dynamic Molding is an environmental-friendly process with no support structures and a 100% reusable and recyclable print environment.

Our success story

Some emblematic dates



3Deus Dynamics creation



Winner of the BigBooster competition


APRIL 2021

Winner of the Bourse french Tech Emergence competition


MAY 2021

Fundraising seed Capital


JULY 2021

Winner of the l-LAb innovation competition


July 2022

Winner of the R&D Booster call for projects

About 3D.FAB Plateform

3D.FAB « 3D Fabric of Advanced Biology » platform is a « Plateforme Technologique Innovante » specialized in 3D, 4D and bioprinting innovations for private or collaborative projects in the field of healtchare and Science innovation.

The 3d.FAB platform has been founded in 2015 by 3 laboratories:

  • L’Institut de Chimie et Biochimie Moléculaires et Supramoléculaires (UMR CNRS 5246, Université de Lyon 1)
  • Laboratoire de Chimie (UMR CNRS 5182, ENS de Lyon)
  • MATEIS (UMR CNRS 5510, INSA de Lyon)

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