Our unique and diruptive process adresses all major markets

The Dynamic Molding manufacturing process developed by 3Deus Dynamics is versatile and therefore multi-market by definition. This process is aimed at all 3D printing markets that require customization of products such as health, aeronautics, automotive and industrial manufacturing ... The potential applications of Dynamic Molding are endless thanks to the possibility of creating composite materials with additional functionalities such as antimicrobial, conductive, insulating, optical or magnetic properties. The creation of 3D objects can be done from files already given or adapted to the customer, our work begins with the reception of the 3D file to be printed which is in STL format (that we will slice and transform into G-code for 3D printing step).

Personalized medical devices adapted to end users and developed according to current regulatory requirements


Dynamic Molding makes it possible to meet the regulatory and quality requirements of the health sector. Production of custom-made devices, manufacturing of complex devices, use of medical grade materials. The production of devices in the medical field is part of a production chain that includes different stages. These steps include the acquisition of medical imaging (CT-scan, MRI, ultra sound) which will be segmented to design the device in 3D and thus obtain a digital STL file. This digital file will be used directly by the 3D printer software to obtain the final 3D part.

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