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3D Printed Inert Anatomical Hand Model


This 3D device was fabricated from an STL digital file, generated through the virtual 3D reconstruction of a patient's hand via specific imaging software. This allowed a high-precision 3D reproduction of a specific patient's hand for planning complex surgeries such as congenital hand deformities in children.

Its structure includes a base with a bony skeleton and soft tissue as well as the arterial network and mimetic skin. The model is flexible, manipulable and can be dissected, guaranteeing a haptic rendering that allows a better intraoperative planning and the simulation of the intervention in the context of complex hand surgery.

The 3D model was made possible thanks to the collaboration between public and private partners:

  • The 3d.FAB platform which carried out the mechanical studies of the silicone materials
  • 3D Medlab which designed the model and printed the base of the hand including a bone skeleton
  • 3Deus Dynamics which printed the mimetic skin and the arterial network in silicone materials thanks to its Dynamic Molding process

This suturable anatomical model, an alternative to the use of cadavers, will be made on the scale of an child's hand in order to train for surgery on congenital malformations of the hand specific to each patient.

Support for complex surgical procedures
of the hand / Educational training tool


Whether your need is for a 3D printed hand model for training your interns as an alternative to the use of cadavers or for intraoperative planning for patient management, we offer two support formulas:

  • OPTION 1 : Design - printing
  • OPTION 2 : Printing

Technical characteristics

  • Specific patient
  • Medical grade LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • LSR hardness: 25 Shore A


"This ambitious project was initiated by Dr. Noé LUCCHINO (intern in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery) and Prof. Aram GAZARIAN (Head of Orthopedic Surgery of the upper limb - SOS Hands, HCL) and supported by the HCL Foundation. The project was coordinated by CO'Lab 3D, the HCL 3D printing platform."

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