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3D Anatomical Lung Model

Presentation of the project

One Product, one story : Human lung in Silicone 25 Shore A !

This adult lung model was printed in less than 6 hours. The model is flexible, morpho-faithful, totally waterproof, suturable, with the possibility to be put under flow and to be patient-specific (healthy or pathological). This model is intended to be used for training purposes for surgical training or for intraoperative planning. It is possible to model a pathological model with a tumor in order to plan lung cancer surgeries.

This feat is possible thanks to our patented Dynamic Molding process. A unique gravity-free process that is totally freeform, with no chemical reformulation, no support structure and no size limit.

Support of thoracic surgery procedures / Educational training tool


Whether your need concerns a 3D printed lung model for the training of your interns or within the framework of a per-operative planning for the management of a patient, we propose two formulas of accompaniment:

  • OPTION 1 : Design - Printing
  • OPTION 2 : Printing

Technical characteristics

  • Patient specific
  • LSR medical grade (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • Hardness of LSR : 25 Shore A

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