The Dynamic Molding process

Dynamic Molding technology is a new radical concept of Additive Manufacturing Deposition (AMD) in which the building environment is composed of a controlled granular phase (powder), behaving like a dynamic molding system in which manufacturing materials (inks) are dispensed. This dynamic molding system radical vision brings AMD techniques into support-free and build table-free processing. With this breakthrough innovation, all existing manufacturing viscoelastic materials, i.e. thermoplastics, elastomers, thermoplastic-elastomer composites and ceramics, will have the possibility to be printed without any limitations of initial material properties (rheological, mechanical, solidification/curing kinetic or mechanism) but also with unlimited freedom of 3D complexities.


Printing of all polymers available on the market
without chemical reformulation, without structure support
and without geometry limit, powders 100% Reusable


Five advantages

  • The dynamic mold supports all existing injection materials


  • No object design limit applies


  • No support, reinforcement or printing plate is necessary


  • Manufacturing speeds can be ultra fast

    (up to 100mm/sec at present).

  • The dynamic mold can be of very varied composition

    inorganic or organic, natural or synthetic, recyclable, durable, inert or active (conductive, antibacterial, protective).

Freedom of
Designs &

First positionning: silicones

Silicone materials represent a major challenge in additive manufacturing due to the risks of the structure collapsing during printing. Dynamic molding makes it possible to overcome gravity and therefore to print all the injectable silicones on the market without chemical reformulation, which saves R&D time, without a support structure, which limits the waste of raw materials


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Curious to discover our Dynamic Molding process, these videos allow you to learn more.

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