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The 3DM CERADYM project is the winner of the R&D booster 2022

The 3DM CERADYM project: a major innovation project to meet the challenges of personalized medicine


The 3DM CERADYM collaborative project is the winner of the R&D booster 2022 call for projects from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region with the support of Bpifrance.

The startup 3Deus Dynamics is proud to join forces with Fabulous and the MATEIS (INSA) and ICBMS-3d.FAB (UCBL) laboratories to carry out the 3DM CERADYM project, which consists of "Manufacturing ceramic cranio-maxillofacial implants using 3D printing by dynamic molding".

Fabulous, an expert in innovative powders for additive manufacturing, will develop high-performance ceramic powders.

The MATEIS laboratory, expert in ceramic materials, will develop injectable ceramic pastes.

The ICBMS-3d.FAB laboratory, the originator of the dynamic molding process, will be in charge of understanding liquid-powder interactions.

3Deus Dynamics, the project leader, will use its unique dynamic casting additive manufacturing process with the aim of moving into the clinical phase at the end of the project.

The 3DM CERADYM project is an example of a public-private partnership in research and innovation and has been labeled by Lyonbiopôle cluster as a catalyst for the health innovation ecosystem in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.


A great team to ensure the success of this project:

3Deus Dynamics: Ambra Paterlini (R&D Project Manager), Julien Barthès (CEO) and Célia Halimi (3DM CERADYM Project Coordinator)

Fabulous : Olivier Coulet (CTO) and Arnault Coulet (CEO)

MATEIS: Laurent Gremillard (CNRS Research Director)

ICBMS-3d.FAB: Edwin-Joffrey Courtial (CNRS Research Engineer)

Support :

AURA Region: Bérengère Bougué

BPI France: Jonathan Guichard and Isabelle Coulonjou

Lyonbiopole: Natalia Bomchil, Valentin Gras



" A big thank you to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, BPI France and Lyonbiopôle for their confidence and their support since the beginning of the creation of 3Deus Dynamics."

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