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3D Printed Abdominal Aorta Regulatory classification: Class 1 Medical Device


This 3D device was made from a digital STL file, generated through the virtual 3D reconstruction of a patient's arterial tree using specific imaging software. This allowed a high precision 3D reproduction of a specific patient abdominal aorta of a complex arterial disease (real dimensions).

The entire life-size pathological arterial lumen was fabricated allowing to obtain a hollow, flexible, easily manipulated structure with resolved anatomical details such as the celiac trunk, renal arteries, superior mesenteric artery and arteries common iliac.. It allows a geometric understanding of the morphology of the patient's disease by simulating the surgical gesture in real conditions and therefore to choose the right endovascular device.

This 3D device is a real decision-making aid for the choice of treatment and in particular in the choice and positioning of the endovascular device. This 3D device can also be used as an educational simulation and teaching tool. Indeed, having a highly faithful 3D model from a morphological and mechanical point of view allows vascular surgery residents a better understanding of arterial diseases and the possibility of training in surgical procedures.

Support for complex arterial procedures
in vascular surgery / Educational training tool


Whether your need concerns a 3D printed pathological aorta model for the training of your interns or as part of intraoperative planning for the management of a patient, we offer two support formulas:

  • OPTION 1 : Design - printing
  • OPTION 2 : Printing

Technical characteristics

  • Specific patient
  • Medical grade LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
  • LSR hardness: 25 and 50 Shore A


"We would like to thank Prof. Patrick Feugier - vascular surgeon in the vascular and endovascular surgery department of the University Hospital Group of Lyon Sud-HCL - for the development of this project"

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