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3Deus Challenge : 1st Great Competition for healthcare professionals

1st Great Competition for healthcare professionals wishing to develop a Proof of Concept or a Medical Device prototype, organized by 3Deus Dynamics.



Competition presentation


You, healthcare professionals:

  • You want to design an innovative medical device.
  • Your project is a technological innovation in the service of health, or a medical or surgical training tool that will improve patient care or reduce the risks of surgery for the patient or surgeon.
  • You need a proof of concept (POC) or a first prototype to validate your idea and/or help you to get access to financing.
  • You need agility, to optimize your costs and development times and/or de-risk your solution.


The competition, 3Deus Challenge:

  • Offers 5 winners a feasibility study leading to the production of a POC or prototype, a key step in the development of their projects.
  • Thanks to 3Deus Dynamics' Dynamic Moulding process: a revolutionary hybrid between 3D printing and injection/moulding that can handle materials without chemical reformulation, support structures or design limits.
  • Thanks to the 3Deus Dynamics team of engineers and doctors, experts in the design optimization of medical devices produced by 3D printing, in the physical chemistry of materials (raw and applied to products, composites and multifunctional) intended for the medical sector, and in 3D printing process engineering.
  • Thanks to 3Deus Dynamics' expertise in innovation, industrialization and regulatory affairs applied to the medical device sector.


We, 3Deus Dynamics :

  • Organize, for you, our 1st Great Coompetition "3Deus Challenge" to enable the realization of this study and the production of this POC thanks to its patented 3D printing process, unique in the world, Dynamic Molding.
  • We apply our experience of working with healthcare professionals and hospitals in the design and development of Medical Devices to new projects.
  • Through this competition, we aim to support the emergence and acceleration of high-impact medical and surgical projects.


Selection criteria :

  1. The originality and feasibility of the project, which involves verifying the feasibility, risks and value-adding strategy of the prototype.
  2. The project's economic potential, which involves measuring the project's relevance, timeframe, value proposition, importance of the study and TRL positioning.
  3. The project owner's commitment, which involves assessing his motivation and the importance of the study for the success of his project.


Application form :

  1. Phase 1 :
    • Registration form - PDF format
    • Project documents - CAD, drawings, schematics - files in STL or STP format for models to be printed
    • Technical specifications
    • NDA signed - PDF format
  2. For phase 2 :
    • Pitch - 15 minutes with power point support
  3. For the winners
    • Administrative form - PDF format
    • Collaboration contract


Provisional timetable :

Competition opening date: 04/09/2023 at 8am

Closing date for applications: 12/31/2023 at 11.59pm

Phase 1 - Pre-selection of applications

Announcement date of selected candidates: 01/22/2024

Candidate pitches - planning

Phase 2 - Selection and ranking of winners

allocation of lots 02/15/2024



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